Our Service
   01.China-HK Cross Border Trucking
   02.Internal Logistics Services
   03.Logistics Distribution
   04.International Forwarding
   05.Value-added Services
China-HK Cross Border Trucking

    Hung  Yan  Logistics  owns  dozens  of  different  trucks  and  China-Hong Kong container tow trucks  to  shuttle  between  Shenzhen  and  Hong  Kong  every day.  We  also  have  some  big warehouses  and  bulk cargo  transfer  motorcade  in  Hong  Kong and Guangdong.  In  order  to supply the professional cold frozen transportation service and assure the goods’ safety, we have the cold frozen generator and equip  every  truck with  GPS. We have set up  offices in some main overland  transportation  borders  such  as  Yantian,  Huanggang and  Wenjingdu to improve our services. In our offices, we have the professional custom declaration team and customer service clerks  who follow the  whole  process to  save your   time and  improve the transfer efficiency. We also have built a good cooperation relationship with the custom office. Our purpose is to improve the  logistics  connection  between  Hong  Kong  and  China  and  form a  safe, e ffective and fast logistics net to supply the  whole  logistics  chain  service  from picking to delivery.So far, we have got customers from China,  Hong Kong, Taiwan, Europe,  America,  Japan and South Korea, and our China-Hong Kong cross border trucking service has been well appreciated by them.